krāsošanas kamerām

Our paint stop glass green filter Z65 is used as overspray filter in spray booths. Z65 filter media is made of a scentless and non-flammable glass fibre. Paintstop filter Z65 has a high efficiency performance, generated by a special thickener what prevents the release of dust particles. Because of the special structure, the filters’ resistance lowly increases by heavy pollution. Z65 filter is provided with a special strengthening back, what makes it extra solid.

We supply Z65 paintstop rolls of these dimensions:

Roll width, m0,680,751,001,502,00
Roll length, m20 m
Media thickness~65 mm


Expanded paper mesh filter EXP is comprised of 6 layers expanded kraft paper with multistage designed baffle openings.This media is specially developed for overspray collection in sprayrooms and spraybooths. This collector is particularly suitable for use of: primers, stains, nitrocellulose, air-dry enamels, fillers, etc.